sexta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2010

Try To Understand That There is no End

I have always been unpredictable. Most time of my life, I was really brilliant for suprising people. Time goes, everybody changes. I've become introverted. Maybe I still brilliant. I guess I do. Well, as I used to say: "I am unpredictable."
Maybe people do not believe my words. That's the why they still get suprised when I got something done.
People can't believe what I become.
I am really sure about my words. This can go on 'till when they won't even hear about us.
So, stop saying things which are not true.
Stop saying this kind of things. A bit of peace. Everyone wants it, everyone can get it. If you all could just help.
I'm sorreeeeee my friends.

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